Request Support from Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf strives to be a visionary public benefit corporation by supporting systemic social change and well-being through the arts. We participate in grantmaking that seeks to foster positive social and environmental change in local communities. We are actively supporting the efforts of many organizations and non-profits in the communities we serve – Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver, Washington DC, and Phoenix –  that provide creative and inclusive opportunities for all.

We are currently honing our process and are excited to announce our Philanthropy Priority areas in summer 2019. We generally prefer to support established 501(c)3 organizations with direct programming donations.

As Meow Wolf grows as a company, the majority of our financial resources are being allowcated to our big projects – including opening our Kaleidoscape ride in Denver, along with our Las Vegas and Denver exhibitions. This means we will be working on creative ways to support organizations, including increasing our support through ticket donations.

Please be specific when filling out this form, as it helps us to clearly understand your organization and goals.

How soon will you get back to me?

We hope to respond to as many applicants as possible within our capacity. With the volume of requests we receive, unfortunately we cannot respond to every one. Generally, our review process takes 6 – 12 weeks and this should be an indicator of whether your application has been reviewed.

Is this a one time thing?

Giving cycles occur annually with disbursements and engagements happening throughout the year. We hope to support as many groups and organizations as possible with our annual funds. If we could not satisfy your request this year, please feel free to re-apply.

What if I want something else?

Meow Wolf is open to a variety of creative solutions that may suit your needs. Please check “Other” and clearly explain your goals in a brief description.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, please include them at the end of your description under the heading “Additional Questions”.