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Meow Wolf's Summer in the Multiverse
Santa Fe, New Mexico

– Calling out around the world: summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the multiverse! Meow Wolf celebrates the advent of everyone’s favorite getaway season by transporting characters from the outer dimensions of the galaxy to The House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe.

Summer In The Multiverse is a season-long excursion where inter-dimensional travelers, musicians, performers, magicians, aerialists, acrobats, lighthouse keepers, belly dancers, fencers and storytellers from all across the cosmos have come to vacation. Meow Wolf guests will encounter these unique and thrilling entities every day, all day long beginning Friday, May 26 of Memorial Day Weekend. There are over 100 performers in over 50 different performances and they won’t zoom back to the beyond until August 20.

“For anyone who’s never been to a Meow Wolf experience, this summer is going to be prime,” said CEO Vince Kadlubek. “For those who have been to The House of Eternal Return, get ready for a whole new trip inside the space.”

Performances will unfold at random throughout the day and summer. Special tickets are not needed. Just some of the wild kaleidoscope of talents include: Jesse Tatum, flutist for the Santa Fe Symphony; Jaka, renowned Marimba band; WiseFool acrobatics, aerialists, jugglers and circus people; Tara Khozein, infamous opera singer; Sean Kennedy, tuba player extraordinaire; the Saltanah Belly Dancers; and Weston Keller, a 12 year old violin prodigy. There will be lessons in herbology, Salsa Dancing Sundays, and Spanish Story Hour.

The scene will also be alive and thriving outdoors as performers will appear in the Meow Wolf parking lot where food trucks will be stationed including Meow Wolf’s own brand new “Trinity Kitchen” serving authentic Cajun cuisine. On weekends, DJ’s will be outside setting the tone for an especially upbeat and vibrant time.

This is the most ambitious series that Meow Wolf has organized to date—a vision and scope beyond the fantastic House of Halloween series that was so well-received and popular last October.

“Last October we discovered the power of performances inside The House of Eternal Return,” said Kadlubek. “The Halloween experience was so incredible that we had to bring back the magic on another level.”

The art collective is really roused up to have fun with Santa Fe and with travelers from around the world coming to The City Different this summer. You thought The House of Eternal Return was different? Welcome to The Multiverse Different.

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Meow Wolf is a multidimensional arts production company that creates immersive experiences to transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of exploratory storytelling. The result is a synthesis of mystery house, children’s museum, quantum physics, jungle gym, magic and mesmerizing art exhibit. The Meow Wolf Art Complex is home to Meow Wolf’s first permanent installation, House Of Eternal Return.

The Wurms are coming alive!