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Meow Wolf Launches DIY Fund
Santa Fe, New Mexico

– The Meow Wolf annual DIY Fund is ready to make its first awards to small art and music spaces across the country. The size of this fund, $215,000, is more than double what the collective first projected when the program was announced last year. The awards will help 106 small-scale arts organizations in 21 different states with critical needs that range from rent and infrastructure to improvements, materials and equipment.

DIY spaces in need of assistance submitted hundreds of applications to Meow Wolf. The fund was originally set to award $100,000 but that figure was tied to Meow Wolf’s projected revenue for the year. The collective’s success in 2016 with their first permanent installation, The House of Eternal Return, far exceeded expectations, leading to more award more money.

Meow Wolf started the fund last winter in response to the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, California. Many Meow Wolf artists had connections to those injured or killed in the fire. One of those lost at Ghost Ship, Chelsea Faith Dolan (Cherushii), collaborated on music for the House of Eternal Return exhibition in Santa Fe. Meow Wolf is honored to help nine art spaces in Oakland and expresses love and respect for these creative peers as they heal their community.

The fire was a wakeup call for DIY artists to come together and support one another at a time when bureaucratic red tape, unfair scrutiny from municipalities, and rising rent threaten to push many art spaces out of the communities they serve. Meow Wolf began as a DIY collective in 2008 and recognizes that small artistic communities are vital to the cultural health of their hometowns. Even though this fund will keep the lights on in dozens of DIY venues across the country, Meow Wolf calls on other businesses and individuals of means to follow this lead and support creative culture.

DIY spaces in twenty-one states received awards, but Meow Wolf was able to support ten spaces in New Mexico, including three in the collective’s small home of Santa Fe. This, along with a $125,000 fund for arts and sports education for local Santa Fe students, allows Meow Wolf to re-invest its success in its beloved hometown.

Meow Wolf thanks all guests to House of Eternal Return who made it possible to double the size of the award and to those who will turn out in 2017 so the 2018 DIY Fund can be even larger.


Meow Wolf is a Santa Fe-based transmedia arts and entertainment group that creates immersive, interactive experiences to transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story and exploration. The Meow Wolf Art Complex showcases the collective’s first permanent installation, House Of Eternal Return, where guests discover a multidimensional mystery house with secret passages, portals to magical worlds, climbing apparatus, and surreal, maximalist & mesmerizing art exhibits along with a children’s learning center and cafe area. The complex is also home to a music venue, bar and outdoor dining scene featuring top food trucks.

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