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Meow Wolf is able to bring new worlds and immersive art to the public thanks to the investors who support our mission.
George RR Martin was one of the people who saw the early potential in Meow Wolf and helped launch our initial location in Santa Fe. Over 700 people who share the Meow Wolf dream of building a solid business that is also an integral part of the community have joined as investors since then. Building new experiences requires continual support. Interested investors may reach out through the contact button below.
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Meow Wolf Press

House of Eternal Return's Venue Space

PBS : How this artist fantasyland became a New Mexico moneymaker

" Instead of walking up to a painting, you actually let audiences walk inside of the painting."
External Press
February 15, 2018
Birthday Weekend Celebrations at Meow Wolf

VICE : Can a $50 Million Funhouse Save Denver’s DIY Art Scene?

" ...nobody could’ve predicted they’d end up sparking an economic revolution in the art world."
External Press
February 8, 2018
Meow Wolf Santa Fe

Hyperallergic : Meow Wolf’s Exciting Model for Engaging with Art

" As Meow Wolf’s brisk attendance on a random Monday afternoon suggests, I am just one of many who finds it to be a gripping and visceral art experience."
External Press
January 12, 2018

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Within a decade, Meow Wolf will become one of the leading creative brands in the world, one of the largest worldwide employers of artists, a multi-billion dollar company, and competing with themed entertainment and creative brands like Disney, Universal, and Marvel. Our immersive experiences will be the backbone of this growth, but will ultimately be leveraged to expand into key additional areas including traveling exhibitions, a media and entertainment studio, and worldwide merchandising.

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Carl Christensen


Greg Crowell

Financial Analyst

Chris Scharrer

Financial Analyst

Chad Conti

VP of Finance

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