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Meow Wolf Santa Fe / House of Eternal Return FAQs

What is House of Eternal Return?

House of Eternal Return is Meow Wolf’s first permanent installation located in Santa Fe, NM. HOER is a 20,000 square foot immersive storytelling experience.

What is the Learning Center?

The David Loughridge Learning Center is a multi-purpose community center to the right of the lobby as you enter the building. The DLLC offers a variety of workshops, community events and free art making programs that can all be found under the Workshops and Community sections of our Meow Wolf Events page. The Learning Center is also available as a comfortable space to decompress and relax if overstimulated by the exhibit during Open Studio hours from 12pm to 5pm, everyday except Tuesday.

How long does it take to experience House of Eternal Return?

Two hours is a good minimum for your first visit. Your admission is good for the entire day of your experience.

What ages is Meow Wolf Santa Fe appropriate for?

It is appropriate for all ages. Children ages three and under enjoy free admission!

When is Meow Wolf Santa Fe open?

You can find our most up-to-date hours here.

Can kids go alone?

Anyone under 14 will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Can we take pictures?

Yes, take as many as you like! Photos and media taken inside of Meow Wolf are permitted for personal use only. The display or sale of any such media is strictly prohibited.

Do you have a Lost & Found?

Yes we do! Please visit our Contact Page and let us know what you lost.

What are Chromadepth Glasses?

They pull warm colors forward and push cool colors back giving things a 3-D appearance, especially under blacklight. They will enhance many things in the exhibit but they are not required. They cost $1.

What are Sensory Bags?

Sensory bags are a tool guests can utilize to aid in their experience inside House of Eternal Return. Each bag can be checked out upon arrival and has items inside to help ground and re-center folks who might feel overstimulated or overwhelmed while inside the exhibit. Ask our front desk staff about our accommodations.

How long will this be here?

This is a permanent exhibition.

Is it gonna change?

Yes, Meow Wolf Santa Fe will be refreshed regularly.

How long did it take to build?

Fourteen months.

Where’s the bowling alley?

The bowling alley closed a decade ago and the building sat vacant until Meow Wolf came along.  There is no bowling anymore and all the bowling lanes were stripped out before we took possession of the building.

Is Meow Wolf Santa Fe scary?

No. There may be parts of the exhibit that kids might not like but nothing is intended to be scary.

Is it handicapped accessible?

The first floor of the exhibit, which features the majority of the installation, meets ADA standards and is accessible.

Can I bring my stroller in?

No. Due to the sometimes intimate layout of the space and large number of visitors we do not allow strollers inside the exhibition. We ask that you either leave your stroller at home or in your car and choose an alternative method of carrying your baby that is comfortable for you and your party.

Is there a map or a guide for House of Eternal Return?

There is no map or guide. This is intentional. We encourage visitors to explore and discover the exhibit in their own unique ways.

Where is additional parking for Meow Wolf Santa Fe?

There is street parking on Rufina Circle. Please do not park in any lots other than the Meow Wolf parking lot as your car may be towed.

Do you do birthday parties or events at Meow Wolf Santa Fe?

Group rates are available for birthday parties of 15 or more. Please see our Bring a Group page. We do not offer birthday party packages other than reduced-price admission for groups of 15 or more when booked in advance with a deposit.

If you are interested in a private rental please email us and we will get back to you:

Can I book a field trip to Meow Wolf Santa Fe for my school or organization?

Yes! Fill out this form here and we will get right back to you with confirmation or questions.

Discounts – student, disabilities, are you going to have free days?

Meow Wolf offers discounts for children, seniors, military personnel, and New Mexico residents, as well as discounts for groups of 15 or more when booked in advance with a prepaid deposit.

Where is there a good place to eat nearby?

We have food trucks in our parking lot daily. Tortilla Flats, Cafe Castro, Duel Brewery, The Plaza Cafe, and Dr Field Goods Kitchen are all a few blocks away.

What is Meow Wolf doing for the local Santa Fe community?

Meow Wolf offers Santa Fe an affordable and unique family entertainment experience, additionally:

  • We provide access to art and art making.
  • We offer a creative space for children and families through Chimera.
  • We offer a place for food truck operators to conduct and grow their businesses.
  • We supply jobs.
  • We want to be good neighbors and bring positive activity to the area.

Can I get to Meow Wolf Santa Fe on mass transit?

Yes. Take the New Mexico Rail Runner Express to Santa Fe Depot.  Then take the #2 Bus south on Cerrillos to Calle del Cielo.  Walk west on Calle del Cielo and look for the giant red robot in our parking lot!

Where can I learn more about Santa Fe?

Check out our Visitor’s Guide for more information about things to do and places to go.

Can I wear a costume to Meow Wolf Santa Fe?

Yes, however, for safety reasons masks and costumes that obscure your face are not permitted inside the exhibition.

Where can I find the Events FAQ??

Please click here

Can me or my band play a show at Meow Wolf Santa Fe?

Unfortunately, due to high demand, we are not accepting unsolicited booking requests.

I have Questions about Meow Wolf in general.

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