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Steampunk collage

Art of Steampunk

Saturday, Jun 16th
6:00 pm
- 9:00 pm

Price: $50
  • This event has passed.
Meow Wolf Santa Fe
1352 Rufina Circle
Santa Fe,NM87507United States
Ages: All Ages
Phone: 505-395-6369
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Dabble and experiment with images and stories by turning them 3D with ingenious steampunk-inspired boxes. Add your drawings, sculpt a bit, and make and find objects to express a word, quote, or remembrance of someone dear. Presented by Roni Rohr, a Golden Apple Award winning Art Instructor.

Steampunk is all about fantasy literature, the Victorian past, arcane Science, blending sculptural elements, and mixing 2D & 3D. Steampunk celebrates a time of true artisans & inventors.

The class:

  1. Come with your own small box, or choose one provided.
  2. Bring special objects – jewelry, screws, photos, anything – to glue and add to the box. To make it truly personal you need some of your own STUFF!
  3. Bring a quote or story of you like, but don’t sweat it. The inspiration will be all in the room and workshop.
  4. Get your creative gears in motion; enjoy yourself in a simple  act of creation.
  5. Sculpt a steampunk mini-character or items into your box.  Clay and a mini-oven will be provided!