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Thursday, Dec 22nd, 2016
9:00 pm
- 12:00 am

Free event!
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Meow Wolf Santa Fe
1352 Rufina Circle
Santa Fe,NM87507United States
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Ages: 21+
Phone: 505-395-6369
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$12 advance

$15 at the door

Doors at 9PM



Sole is a revolutionary, experimental hip-hop artist that has released over a dozen studio albums. He is known as a pioneer of avante guard rap and founded anticon records in 1998. He has toured the world multiple times, playing shows in Bosnia, Russia, Australia, North America, Greece and beyond. His breakthrough album, Selling Live Water is considered a staple of underground hip-hop, and in his 2 decade career his music have been featured in almost every major music publication.

Sole’s catalogue covers a vase amount of ground, from the post-rock influence of his work with the Skyrider Band, his early “experimental underground hip-hop” with producers like Jel & Odd Nosdam to his later more overtly political with platinumcertified rap producer DJ Pain 1. Sole is also a producer and beat-maker, and under the monicker mansbestfriend he has produced 7 albums that were self released and he later formed an instrumental band with his wife Yasamin called WHITENOISE in 2014.

In 2009 sole left anticon and began releasing records 100% independently and has since gone on to create his own label called “Black Box Tapes.” Upon moving to Denver in 2009 sole has been deeply involved in social struggles and activism and his music has taken on a more intentional political slant. Sole’s firebrand of anarchistic hiphop is truly in a realm of its own, inhabiting a space somewhere between the dance floor and the riot line.

Sole’s most recent album is a collaboration with DJ Pain 1 called Nihilismo. Nihilismo is an incredible journey between the duo of Sole and DJ Pain 1, first initiating their path together on 2013’s Death Drive and 2014’s Pattern of Life / Warfare. In every stroke of music and lyricism committed to Nihilismo, one can find a cross-section between revolutionary hip-hop and infectious club tones, delivered for a subversive dismantling of nihilistic culture. A weapon against the largest stages of greed and capitalism, galvanized to change the course of history that portrays the future world with a lack of sustainability.

Sole keeps the lyrical terrain thick and DJ Pain 1 keeps the music of Nihilismo glowing with futuristic compositions. Anthemic political rap that has flavors for every one around the world. Nihilismo is another impressive contribution from Sole and DJ Pain 1, reaffirming their legacy as one of the world’s most forward thinking and politically relevant hip hop groups.

Sole’s recent work has been featured in 2DopeBoyz, Spin ,Counterpunch, SF Weekly, Russia Today, Tiny Mixtapes, Truthout and most recently on C-Span Book TV performing alongside Jeremy Scahill & The Intercept Staff.