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Saturday, Oct 12th
3:00 pm
- 5:00 pm

Price: $40
  • This event has passed.
Learning Center at Meow Wolf
1352 Rufina Circle
Santa Fe, NM 87507 United States
Ages: All Ages
Phone: 505-395-6369
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Museum of Interactive Art Halloween Workshop

Make and Take/Collaborate Halloween Costumes, Toys and Decorations Inspired by the Multiverse. 

The Museum of Interactive Art is coming to Meow Wolf for a Halloween Interactive Art Extravaganza. 


Make and Take/Collaborate Interactive Art Projects Such As:


1. Original Character Costume Creation – Who would you be in a parallel reality? A space pirate, a forest fairy or some mashup of pop culture characters? Costume elements and art materials will invite you to create freely. 


2. Build-a-Beast Toy Workshop – Every multiversal character needs a pet sidekick. Assemble a unique toy from a selection of heads, bodies, and limbs. Put a dinosaur head on a barbie, turn a hot-wheel into a mini parade float, Give a baby doll action hero limbs, Build-a-Beast. 


3. Spirit World Projector and Decal Making Photo Booth – Create and collage transparent images on windows, projecting fantastical spirit creatures and spirit worlds onto a photo-op backdrop. 


4. Haunted Cardboard Castle – Fort building area with big boxes, blankets and haunted house decor. 


5. Cyborg Part Making – Press foil on your body, then glue on images for super abilities. 


6. Puppet Pen Making – Never lose your pen again, make a puppet pen. 


7. Collective Collage – Cocreate a collaborative collage with images and glue. 


8. Automatic 3D Portraits – Press foil to your face to make an instant 3D self-portrait. 


9. Mutivers-o-matic – Make a multiverse with bubbles and project them on the walls. 


10. Pet Portal – Add images to vortex bottles to create your own worlds with real wormholes. 


11. Multiversascope- Create a world in a tube with landscapes from magazines.


12. Fridge Magnet Collage – make your own fridge magnet from any image and play with an ever-changing collage of these images. 


13. DIY Face Paint – Face paint and a mirror opens a world of identities. 


14. Pet Rock Making – Glue mixed up face features from people and animals on rocks.