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El Búho

Monday, Jan 21st
7:00 pm
- 10:30 pm

Guest Acts:
DJ erin e , Feathericci
Price: $15.00 - $18.00
  • This event has passed.
Meow Wolf Santa Fe
1352 Rufina Circle
Santa Fe, NM 87507 United States
Ages: 21+
Exhibit Closes at 9PM
Phone: 505-395-6369
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British born producer Robin Perkins has been working as El Búho, his own musical project which has become globally renowned for his take on “organic electronic” music, fusing Latin American traditions with natural sounds and electron- ic production, since 2012. He has become a key figure in the emerging scene of organic electronic or Andean electron- ic music alongside artists such as Nicola Cruz, Chancha Via Circuito and Matanza.

He has released seven EPs on labels including Meles Meles, Shika Shika, Wonderwheel Recordings and the trendset- ting Buenos Aires based label ZZK Records, each showcasing his evolving sound and style and cementing him as a key artist in the global scene. He released his debut album “Balance” to critical acclaim in November 2017, also through the US based label Wonderwheel Recordings and he is currently working on his second album.

His songs have been selected in eleven of Spotify’s official playlists, his remix of Chancha Via Circuito has over one 4.2 million plays on Spotify, his single Mañana Tepotzlan reached over 1.36 million plays and, since 2015, he has grown to an audience of over 1.3 million regular listeners. His tracks “Esperando La Tormenta” and “History of Colour” were both used by Vice in two different documentary films. El Búho has also collaborated with names such as Bolivi- an folk legend, and former ambassador to France, Luzmila Carpio, Lucas Santanna, Chancha Via Circuito, Mercedes Nasta, Fernando Milagros and many more.

El Búho has played all over the world including international recognised festival such as Lollapalooza, Bahidora and Comunité, as well as playing his live sets in Paris, London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Madrid Mexico City, Amster- dam and participated in two live Boiler Room sessions, one of which now has almost 1 million views on YouTube.

Alongside his El Búho project, Perkins also co-founded the global music collective Shika Shika, which has released music by over 25 emerging artists from around the world fusing together traditional music and electronic music in new forms. In 2015 he curated “A Guide to the Birdsong of South America”, a crowd funded, non-profit album that brought together some of the best new talent from South America and used electronic music to raise over $15,000 USD to help save endangered birds in in the continent.

Guest Acts

DJ erin e

Erin E brings an ear for unique sounds to her energetic and genre-bending dj sets. Integrating global gems with sometimes heavy, sometimes heavenly percussive and melodic force, she strips back dance music to something we all can relate to. Constantly searching for the essence of the sound – be it deep & dub techno, electronic folklore, house or beyond- she cultivates a bassy dancefloor (and headphone) experience that transcends stereotype.

She is currently working on an ongoing series of place-based ‘immersive’ mixes, created and performed in wild spaces alone or with a very small crew of intimate listeners.

Playing & sampling her original live native american flute, didjeridoo, shakers and myriad of trinkets, she sneaks authentic sound into unexpected places.

Based in Santa Fe, NM, Erin E loves, above all, creating the space for a transformative, positive experience through music and creative community.


It’s hard to contain a smile or keep still while experiencing Feathericci: DJ-ing, playing drums, dropping original songs. Co-founder of post-rock band D Numbers and electronic music label Mesa Recordings, Feathericci lives in the hills of New Mexico and draws from the desert’s sparsity of psychic claustrophobia to hone his own style of production, drumming and live electronic sets. He’s played all over the world, from Serbia to New York City, weaving house and techno into his own undeniably danceable beats. Much like his name, Feathericci brings distinctive creativity, unexpected flourishes and unparalleled, infectious energy to the dance floor. Friends call him DJ Shamanface. Find out why.