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Dylan Montayne

Saturday, Aug 19th, 2017
8:45 pm
- 12:00 am

Price: $15 / $20 day of show
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Meow Wolf Santa Fe
1352 Rufina Circle
Santa Fe, NM 87507 United States
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Ages: 18+
Doors open at 8pm
Exhibit Closes at 11PM
Phone: 505-395-6369
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Dylan Montayne returns home on August 19th for his much-anticipated debut at Meow Wolf. The Santa Fe native has been making a splash in the Denver music scene in the past year, riding a wave of viral internet success, and releasing a constant stream of music to a rapidly growing worldwide following.

Raised in Santa Fe, Dylan Montayne has been heavily involved in music from a young age. He began playing the drums at the age of 5, on a small, beat-up used drumset that became the cornerstone of a lifelong musical journey. Eventually – after years of practice against his peers in lunchroom and school bus rap battles – Dylan turned his attention to hip-hop, trading his drums for a microphone and recording his first mixtapes in a storage closet of his dorm building at the University of Notre Dame. This pursuit led him to Denver, Colorado, where he currently resides, making waves in the local music scene as an electric and captivating performer.

Montayne’s lyrical capabilities are known to stop people in their tracks and leave them awestruck – the world got a taste of this in 2016, when a video of Dylan rapping in an Uber went viral, was picked up by various media outlets around the world, and was shared on social media by celebrities such as Lil Wayne, Ashton Kutcher, and George Takei. The video has amassed over 6.5 million views on YouTube, and several million more on Facebook and Instagram, exposing Dylan’s music to a worldwide audience.

The rapper is poised and ready to take his career to new heights in 2017, with a solid slate of releases including a joint EP with fellow MC Reve Kalell (coming this August), as well as a full-length solo effort. With support from local legends Benzo III and The Outstanding Citizens Collective, August 19th at Meow Wolf will surely be a night to remember for the Santa Fe music scene.

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Guest Acts





With all the potential to be a truly international success, 2015 New Mexico Music Award Winner Benzo III showcases full-spectrum star power, performing a wholly kick-ass set of original music. Overflowing with northern New Mexico’s best young musical talent, Benzo III is led by stellar, charismatic front man Benito Martinez III. Playing a genuinely unique sound, which some say is hip hop, but, is really more like progressive jazz-rock-funk hip hop with alternative hints of rap, soul, and reggae.

The Outstanding Citizens Collective is an inclusive group of artists who have joined talents to share and contribute to the success of one another’s creative endeavors. Inspired by the collaborative and communal principles of Hip-Hop culture, they strive to combine all elements of artistic expression with public service.




Reve Kalell is a rapper from Denver, CO. He is also the frontman of SkyLaw – a  rock/rap/electronic band from the future. Reve and Dylan Montayne will be dropping a joint EP in August.




Tortuga is a Denver-based production duo comprised of Ryan Mahrer and Tyler Arndt. Together, they aim to create music that can connect to the past, future and present, by incorporating elements from modern and contemporary creations. They pull inspirations from their mutual love for blues, jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop and electronic music, while maintaining a grass-rooted commitment to in-house marketing, development and production.