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Couples Movement Workshop

Sunday, Jun 30th
3:00 pm
- 5:00 pm

Price: $36


Couples Workshop & HoER Exhibit Entry$36.00

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Learning Center at Meow Wolf
1352 Rufina Circle
Santa Fe, NM 87507 United States
Ages: 21+
Phone: 505-395-6369
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Workshop leader Tess Yong’s movement explorations and studies include Korean, Hawaiian, modern, ecstatic, Five Rhythms, yoga, Nia, pilates, martial arts, Western style body sculpting, gymnastics, and inner energy movement through Pranayama. Tess is also certified in Korean Bodywork, “Kyung Rak.” Tess has competed in 13 fitness competitions nationally and internationally, and earned many titles. Her success in fitness competitions led her into television and film work as a fitness expert in Hawaii and her native Korea. She also served as a preventive health counselor for the Hawaiian Medical Service Association.  Tess created a Movement Art and Functional Fitness Department at Sunrise Springs in Santa Fe and taught yoga, movement meditation, personal training, and group movement therapy. Recently, Tess has opened her own private practice at “The Studio” in Santa Fe, NM.

In this Summer, I am…. Open … to be loved. Open…to be desired. Open… to be vulnerable. Open…to feel soften. Open…to feel sadness. Open…to shed tears. Open… to feel letting go. Open… to be intimate. Open…to be curious. Open…to be understood. Open…to be sensuous. Open…to be playful. Open…to be romantic. Open…to be touched. Open…to be whispered. Open…to be a wonder. Open…to be inspired. Open… to see. Open…to taste. Open…to smell. Open…to touch. Open…to Be opened. -by Tess Yong


Graphic credit: Michael Bergt

Couples Movement Workshop: Touch . . .Be Touched, Sacred Sensuous

Bring water, a scarf, blanket, or yoga mat!  This movement exploration invites you to discover your creative impulses and remember who you are.

  • “Couples” is defined loosely, and can include spouses, long-term partners, or those who have recently met.
  • This workshop is intended to be inclusive to people of all genders, sexual orientation, and relationship styles.
  • The $36 fee is for ONE PARTICIPANT and will include Tess Yong’s gentle, passionate, skillful and supportive movement instruction. Each member of a couple must purchase a ticket.