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Thursday, Dec 12th
7:00 pm
- 10:00 pm

Price: $25.00


Couples Art Therapy Workshop (Incorporates House of Eternal Return During Workshop)$25.00

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Learning Center at Meow Wolf
1352 Rufina Circle
Santa Fe, NM 87507 United States
Ages: 21+
Phone: 505-395-6369
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Couples will participate in art-based activities within a group setting, gaining new insight into the themselves and their relationships.


Bryan Willson-Ko, counseling/art therapy graduate from Southwestern College, will facilitate this art therapy-inspired group process. This workshop series is based on concepts from both art therapy and couples therapy, and will have participants engaging in fun and informative art activities individually, together and alongside other couples. Participants will also receive relevant psychoeducation on couples therapy-related topics, and come away with art activities that they can use at home.

“Couples” is defined loosely, and can include spouses, long-term partners, or those who have recently met. Art activities are relevant for couples of all ages, 21+, and will be both LGBTQIA+ friendly and accessible to individuals with alternative relationship styles.

 Each drop-in group costs $25 PER PERSON (not per couple) and will incorporate entry to the House of Eternal Return.