Event FAQs



Can I have a refund for my ticket?

No, Meow Wolf has a strict no refund policy for event tickets. The only exception is if the artist cancels or another act of god (hurricane, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc.) that causes the cancellation of the show.

The show is 21+ and I’m under age—can I come?

No, Meow Wolf has a strict policy: <21+ individuals cannot attend 21+ shows.

I’m 21+, but have a vertical ID from New Mexico. Can I use that to get into a 21+ show or to drink at your bar?

No, we don’t accept vertical IDs from New Mexico. 

I’m 21+, but have a vertical ID from outside of New Mexico. Can I use that to get into a 21+ show or to drink at your bar?

Yes, we accept vertical IDs from outside of New Mexico

The show is 15+ can I bring my <15 child?

Yes, like the exhibition children <15 may be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

I’m coming to a 21+ show and I’m >21, but I don’t have my ID. Can I come?

If you appear to be from the age 21 to 49, you must have your ID. If you’re in your 40s or older, you don’t need to have an ID.




Ticketing Issues?

Are you having issues with purchasing tickets or an event, please click here to get in touch…

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I bought my tickets from another site besides the official ticket link through Meow Wolf. Is that legit?

Unlikely. If Meow Wolf’s ticketing site links to another site, that site is legitimate. Otherwise, the ticket is illegitimate. Illegitimate tickets will not be accepted at the door.

The show has sold out—will you release more tickets?

No, once the advance tickets have sold out, there will be no more tickets for purchase. More advance tickets won’t be released nor will tickets be held to sell at the door.

My ticket didn’t arrive. Where is it?

All tickets for Meow Wolf are done via will call. Ticket confirmation will be emailed to you. If the ticket hasn’t appeared in your email’s inbox, please check your spam folder.

Otherwise, don’t sweat. If the transaction has appeared on your credit/debit card, you’ve successfully purchased a ticket and you’re in the ticketing system. We’ll use your name and your ID to look your ticket up.

Do I need to bring my ticket to attend the event?

Yes, we ask you to either print your ticket or bring in your ticket via a mobile device.

If your ticket has been misplaced or lost, bring your ID so that we can look it up.

May I purchase an advance ticket at Meow Wolf?

No, all advance ticket purchase must be done online. Pardon the inconvenience.

May I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, simply transfer your ticket to another person by printing the ticket and giving the physical print out to them or emailing it to them.

I’ve purchased multiple tickets—does my whole group need to pick up their tickets at the same time?

No, give each person who is going to the show their own printed ticket allowing them to check in individually.




Does my ticket to a show include entrance to the exhibit?

Yes. Your show ticket include entrances to the exhibit at the time of doors. Please see the specific ticket’s page for more details.

Will the exhibit be open during the show?

The exhibit will be open during the show for a period of time at the start of doors. Check the ticketing page for your specific show to see how long it will be open.

Isn’t Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return closed on Tuesday?

House of Eternal Return is closed on Tuesdays, unless there is a show. The exhibit will be open for a period of time during a show.

How late will the exhibit be opened for the show I’m going to?

Please see the ticket page for your specific show for details about when it will close.

What time can I enter the exhibit with my ticket for a show?

You may use your ticket for a show to enter the exhibit at the time of doors.




May I take photos during the show?

Yes, non-professional, non-commercial personal photography is permitted though not encouraged.  No cameras with interchangeable lens are permitted inside the venue. Enjoy the moment and put your phone down! It’s likely that Meow Wolf will capture professional photos and share them online through our social media. 




Do you have a coat check?

Yes, the front desk will check your coat or your bag for $2. If you need to grab your item, it’s $1 to re-check it. Backpacks aren’t permitted in the venue or the exhibition and will have to be checked or left in your car.

Can I have a chair for the show?

The venue is standing room only unless it’s specified that the show is seated. As such chairs won’t be provided. However, if you need a chair because of pregnancy or another physical condition that makes you unable to stand, a chair will be provided. Please check in with the front desk when arriving so accommodations can be made.

Do you allow re-entry for shows?

No, we don’t allow re-entry for shows. We do have an outdoor area in case you need to step out for a breath of fresh air or to smoke a cigarette / vape.  The outdoor area is adjacent to the venue.

Can I vape at Meow Wolf Santa Fe?

No vaping allowed inside the building or exhibit.
Nicotine/non-THC Vaping is allowed on the back patio ONLY during events.
NO THC, illegal drugs, outside alcohol, firearms or other weapons are allowed on Meow Wolf property
THC vaping is not allowed anywhere on the premises (no medical allowances).
Guests are subject to search upon entry.